Our Startups And Tech Champions 

Meet the amazing thirteen startups of the 2nd edition of VERBUND X Accelerator. These startups were selected from more than 400 applications.

gnista Logo


With gnista.io, Campfire develops an intuitive no-code tool for energy managers. They empower them to interact with data and find efficiency potentials fast. 

Corporate Partner: VERBUND
Website: gnista.io

exnaton Logo


Exnaton offers the software PowerQuartier for realizing energy communities according to the EAG in Austria to utility companies and municipalities.

Corporate Partner: VERBUND
Website: exnaton.com

efriends Logo


eFriends enables to share (buy and sell) energy with others and build your own decentralized energy community.

Corporate Partner: VERBUND
Website: efriends.at

IBD Group

IBD Group

The research group at TU Wien aims to mimic natural photo-synthesis by embedding related enzymes in un-precedented archaeal liposomes for sustainable hydrogen production.

Corporate Partner: VERBUND
Website: Click here

Applied Bioplastics Logo

Applied Bioplastics is using plant fibres  for plastic production in order to reduce petro-chemicals used in multiple classes of polymers.

Corporate Partner: OMV
Website: appliedbioplastics.com

RGS Development Logo

RGS Development

RGS provides thermoelectric components for remote electricity generation (APU’s) and for waste heat recovery systems.

Corporate Partner: voestalpine Steel Division
Website: rgsdevelopment.nl

Accure Logo

Accure Battery Intelligence

The ACCURE platform determines and forecasts the health of batteries, enabling customers to optimize system design and battery operation.

Corporate Partner: Alperia
Website: accure.net

Predictive Layer Logo

Predictive Layer

Predictive layer empowers organizations to improve by using automatic accurate predictions by artificial intelligence software solution forecasting models.

Corporate Partner: Alperia
Website: predictivelayer.com

ViewAR Logo


ViewAR developed an augmented reality software solution in the field of Industrial AR applications.

Corporate Partner: BIG
Website: viewar.com

Dreamwaves Logo


Dreamwaves offers a navigation system where people can go anywhere without looking at the map, simply following sounds.

Corporate Partner: ASFINAG
Website: dreamwaves.io

LuvSide Logo


LuvSide produces vertical and horizontal wind turbines by combining known principles with completely innovative approaches.

Corporate Partner: ASFINAG
Website: luvside.de

Flower Turbines

Flower Turbines produces vertical axis wind turbines, as well as charging and parking solutions for e-mobility.

Corporate Partner: ASFINAG
Website: flowerturbines.com

Mowea Logo


MOWEA integrates standardized micro wind turbines into a singular energy system and provides the world’s first Modular Wind Power System™. 

Corporate Partner: MOWEA
Website: mowea.world