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We are the leading European platform that connects the world’s best start-ups and tech-champions with industry leaders. Together we accelerate new solutions and make smart, fast decisions for a better world.

VERBUND X Accelerator 2023 
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If you are ready to revolutionize the future of energy and infrastructure, seize the opportunity to join the VERBUND X Accelerator programm 2023. Together, we will redefine the future of sustainable energy and create a positive impact.

Apply now and let's embark on an extraordinary journey of growth, innovation, and success.  

For Start-ups

Become a part of the success story and grow your start-up into a viable business

  • Resource access
  • Fast decision making
  • Proof-of-concept budget
  • Venture capital access
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For Partners

Join other innovative frontrunners in your sector and tackle challenges that matter

  • Overcome challenges
  • Fast results
  • Make an impact
  • Access to start-ups
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Out now: VERBUND X Acceleration Edition 2023


Batch #4 2023


Applications closed!


Batch #5 2023


Applications opens in October
Deadline: November 24th 2023


Next steps

No matter, if you want to apply for batch #4 oder #5: Get your application ready – we are excited to hear about your innovative solutions!

Batch #4: APPLICATIONS OPEN! | Deadline: August 31st 2023

Batch #5: Applications opens in October.

As a selected applicant you will be invited to pitch your solution to us in a remote setting. We choose the most exciting start-ups / solutions for each search field and match you with the ideal partner.

Batch #4: The remote pitches will be conducted from September 4th – 8th, 2023.

Batch #5: The remote pitches will be conducted from December 11th – 15th , 2023.

During our two-day innovation camp, you'll work with corporate partners on strategizing and executing your pilot project testing and implementation.

Dates for Batch #4: September 27th – 29th 2023

Dates for Batch #5: January 16th – 18th 2024

Within the following months it's time to demonstrate that your solution truly makes an impact. Through building prototypes and rapidly iterating, you can swiftly generate value.

The Acceleration phase for start-ups participating in the Venture Capital Use Cases differs from the usual acceleration phase by focusing on conducting pre-due diligences during this period.

Time to shine: present your excellent work and showcase the results to our extensive partner network. After successfully completing the program you will discuss further collaboration & scaling of your project with your corporate use-case Partner.

Due Day for Batch #4: January 17th 2023

Due Day for Batch #5: April 25th 2024

VERBUND X Accelerator

Demo Day 2023: 7 successful collaborations and a 100% success rate

All seven start-ups delivered convincing pitches, proving they have the answers to some of the most critical challenges of our time. Together with their corporate partners, the teams are now detailing their further collaboration and scaling of their projects. We are already excited to see them make a positive impact on our future. Thank you, Batch 3! See you soon, Batch 4!

Highlights of our Edition 2022

Together with our partners we decided on 7 search fields.
For example, carbon capture, innovative energy storage, heat pumps, and solutions for PV surplus, amongst others. 




Success Rate

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Enjoy a recap of the VERBUND X Accelerator Edition 2022

7 search fields, 7 pilot projects, and 7 successful collaborations later, the third batch of VERBUND X Accelerator reached its peak! We want to congratulate all our amazing start-ups and partners on their successful partnership. 🤝

Seeing industry-leading corporates putting their efforts and resources into joint projects is confirmation that we are moving in the right direction: towards green energy transformation. We are incredibly proud to be on this mission and will continue to accelerate new solutions and make smart, fast decisions for a better world. 🌍
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Michael Strugl

We solve the urgent challenges of today and tomorrow

"Without innovation, the green energy transformation will not be possible. To tackle some of the most critical challenges of our time and build solutions for a better future we collaborate closely with innovative startups. One of our initiatives in this field is the VERBUND X Accelerator. With this program we scout promising startups and connect them with leading corporations to work together on concrete pilot projects. To further increase the impact of VERBUND's activities in the startup scene we founded VERBUND X Ventures in 2022. VERBUND X Ventures is the Corporate Venture Unit of VERBUND which invests in innovative climate tech startups." 

- Michael Strugl, VERBUND CEO 

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